Ecaterina started to dance salsa since February 2014.

I started to take salsa classes in Romania (Iasi) and I arrived in Brussels in October 2014, where I continued to develop my level and once I met Gilles, my dance partner, we started to work together, to improve our salsa.

I participated in several bootcamps :

  • Tania Cannarsa bootcamp - February 2020 (Meet your Legend) Brussels

  • 1st edition of online bootcamp From Queens to Queens

"Bemba Colora" - Tribute to Celia Cruz - Directed by Genesis Solorzano - June 2020

  • 2nd edition of online bootcamp From Queens to Queens

"Quimbara" - Tribute to Celia Cruz - Directed by Genesis Solorzano - August 2020



Gilles is dancing salsa since 2003. I never stop learning from different teachers in Belgium and abroad to find my own flavour.

Ecaterina and Gilles are attending different salsa festivals in Europe, following workshops/bootcamps with their favourite artists, taking private classes to improve the technique, the teaching skills and keep the motivation of growing as dancers.

We never stop learning !


Salsa Diablo

Salsa Diablo is a project born from our passion in 2016 in Brussels, we love salsa and we want to inspire others! We are attending salsa festivals around Europe, taking salsa workshops with different artists to improve our level.
The process of learning never stops ! Challenge yourself and find your own style!

We created and performed different Salsa Shows:

  • "Mi Bomba Sono" 2016

  • "El Pirulero" 2017

The meaning
"Salsa Diablo"
Who is Eddie Torres?

The Mambo King
What is Salsa for us?
What Style do we dance?
Some feedback from our students


Excellent salsa classes near Parc du Cinquantenaire.
They teach On2 salsa at 3 levels – beginner, beginner plus and intermediate. Started as a complete beginner with zero dance experience and progressed to intermediate after 2/3 months.

Cati and Giles are awesome teachers – really friendly and welcoming! Classes are always fun and interesting with a lot of attention on the technique and moves.
They teach a mix of shines and partner work, but you don’t need to have a partner to join – you’ll be mixed in with the rest of the class!
Just bring clean shoes and good energy!

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Bruxelles, Belgique